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Brian P. Battaglia has handled Labor & Employment cases in Tampa, FL. Labor & Employment cases and disputes can involve a variety of issues involving the employer or employee. The need for an experienced Labor & Employment Lawyer may arise at the start of employment, such as at the contract stage involving terms, conditions, confidentiality and non-compete matters or during the employment stage, and even thereafter. For example, non- compete and confidentiality clauses often require assistance from an employment attorney either at the drafting stage, or when there is the possibility of litigation to enforce or contest the validity of the non-compete agreement.

Labor Law

Brian Battaglia has been lead counsel handling many employment matters and disputes involving labor law, litigation and arbitration. C including non-compete and confidentiality cases.

Non-compete agreements can pose problems for the departing employee, as well as for a new employer. For the departing employee, the non-compete agreement can restrict the departing employee’s ability to work in a certain geographic area or in a particular line of business. For the employer that is considering hiring the departing employee, the non-compete agreement must be carefully reviewed as to the restrictions placed upon the departing employee by his or her former employer. A failure to carefully review and address the issues raised by a non-compete agreement can result in possible litigation against the new employer that hires the departing employee.

Employment Law

Brian Battaglia can help you make navigate the legal system, explain the process to you, explore with you the problems you are facing and provide you with options to address your legal concerns and needs.

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