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  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Circuit Court Arbitrations; Binding and Non-Binding
  • Over 30-Years of Litigation Experience
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Available to Mediate or Arbitrate

  • Business & Commercial Disputes
  • Employment & Labor Disputes
  • Real Estate & Construction Disputes
  • Condominium & Homeowner Association Disputes

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conference room 1With many years of experience representing clients in litigation matters and assisting and counseling them on complex legal issues, Brian Battaglia has the necessary experience to assist litigants in resolving their claims through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation.

A Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit and County Court Mediator since 1995, Brian Battaglia has taught negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration at Stetson University College of Law. Brian Battaglia is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and earned a Certificate in Negotiating and Mediating Employment Disputes at the University of South Florida’s Conflict Resolution Collaborative.

Mediation is a process that has been utilized as an alternative dispute resolution process in Florida for many years. In fact Florida is a recognized leader in the implementation of mediation into the court system. One of the core principles of mediation is that of self-determination. This principle requires that mediation be conducted in an atmosphere that enables the parties to reach a settlement on their own agreed upon terms and conditions. Mediation has been a very successful part of dispute resolution. Brian Battaglia is available to mediate cases in the areas of Business, Commercial, Governmental Affairs, Corporate, Class Action, Construction and Personal Injury. In addition, Brian Battaglia is also available to act as an Arbitrator or Voluntary Trial Resolution Judge.

conference roomBrian Battaglia is inspired by the words of Abraham Lincoln, who said ‘Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can”. Brian Battaglia knows the value of avoiding court and settling conflicts and disputes through mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) mechanisms in a pre-litigation setting or after a suit has been filed in court. He has taught on the subject of mediation and ADR and understands the value and benefit that ADR can offer business’, individuals and government agencies.

Brian Battaglia earned his law degree from Drake University School of Law and was awarded a Master of Laws in Health Law from the Institute for Health Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. He has also earned a Certificate in Negotiating and Mediating Employment Disputes from the University of South Florida Conflict Resolution Collaborative.

In addition to mediation, Brian Battaglia offers counseling to employers and preventive law training, and is available to conduct workplace investigations in response to administrative notices from the EEOC, state or local agencies.

Brian Battaglia is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court, County Court and Family Mediator with a focus on employment, labor, business, healthcare, construction, insurance, and family law.