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Labor Law and Employment litigation handled by employment lawyer, Brian P. Battaglia encompasses a variety of case types.  These disputes may involve an employer or an employee.  The need may arise at the start of employment, such as at the contract stage involving terms, conditions, confidentiality and non-compete matters.  As well, issues can arise during the employment stage, and even thereafter.  For example, non compete and confidentiality clauses often require assistance from an employment attorney either at the drafting stage, or when there is the possibility of litigation to enforce or contest the validity of the non compete agreement.

Brian Battaglia Law has handled employment litigation and labor law litigation in state and federal court, and disputes that were resolved through binding arbitration. He has represented private employers as well as public and private employees in employment and labor law disputes, including non-competition and trade secret litigation, retaliation claims, harassment claims, breach of employment contract claims, wage and hour claims, grievances and claims involving collective bargaining agreements.

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